Full Name: Ryu Mafume
Aliases: Hibachi Devil
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Renegade Knife: Itai!

Hibachi Devil was a slasher active in Japan, before being captured by Ceutotech Inc.

History Edit

Junichiro Koizumi was a well known, successful Hibachi Chef at a posh restaurant in Tokyo. His speed with his knives earned him the name Hibachi Devil, which he played up by wearing an Oni mask. Junichiro was known to be an arrogant and selfish man, which further angered his main competitor, Ryu Mafume. Mafume challenged Junichiro to a “cook-off” using selected ingredients. Unbeknownst to Junichiro, Ryu has replaced his tuna with a poisonous fish. When the judges were served they all became ill. Enraged, Junichiro force fed Ryu a lethal amount of the fish. Ryu returned from the dead, killing Junichiro and taking his mask and murdering many, seeking to shame his nemesis.