Hack/Slash is a stage play based on the comic book of the same name. It was produced by the Strangeloop Theatre and CIC Theater in Chicago, playing from September 12th through November 1st of 2014, adapting various sections from the "Omnibus" to develop a story while directly coordinating with the author of the original content, Tim Seeley.


Jean E. Burr: Cassie Hack
Tim Lee: Vlad
Miona Lee: Emily Cristy
Renee Lynn Jackson: Mrs. Miller/Security/Hibachi Devil
J. Rohr: Peter Lapage/X-O
Richard John McLain: Joe Fitch/Mortimer Strick
Christopher Prchal: Dan/Rusty/Trent/Waking Man
Kara Charlton: Mean Boy 2/Hostess/Ashley Guthrie
Melissa Nelson: Mean Boy 1/Delivery Woman/Paramedic
Pete Navis: Doctor Gross/Tech 2/Fight Captain
Erika Napoletano: Acid Angel/Delilah Hack/Ensemble


Alison McCorkle: Marketing/Events
Holly Robison: Marketing/Events
Maria Burnham: Marketing
Christopher DeNardo: Assistant Violence Director/Choreographer
Barbara Charlane: Violence Director
Mel Gill: Prop and Blood Designer
Jay Gish: Projection Designer
Chris Corwin: Lighting Designer
Keith Gatchel: Sound Design
Carroe Campana: Costume Designer
John Wefler: Stage Manager
Letitia Guillaud: Production Manager
Brad Gunter: Director

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