Full Name: Matthew Ravenswood
Aliases: Grinface
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased

History Edit

Matthew Ravenswood was the bad boy older neighbor kid, the kind of bad influence every parent dreads, and his girlfriend Sarah Bunn loved it. In the summer, Sarah would sneak out every night, and they’d break mailboxes, play ding-dong-ditch-it, and once they satisfied their appetite for destruction, Matthew and Sarah would paw and dry hump until the sun came up. But Sara always stopped Matthew before they went too far. Matthew heard about the local story in their town Manchester, Iowa about a strict farmer and his beautiful daughter, Jenny Fig, becoming obsessed with her, teasing Sarah about it. Sarah was fuming with jealousy that Matthew would go on a hunt to get a look at another girl, but she couldn’t resist him, not even when he grabbed a mask and dragged her to the farm. When they found Jenny Fig, they found that the stories were lies, and that Jenny was a vegetable after being kicked in the head by a horse. The farmer found Matthew and Sarah, and locked them in his storage shack filled with arcade games, which the farmer used to rent out. As Matthew and Sarah waited for what seemed like days, one of the games turned on. Matthew had heard of the game before, “Blud Bus”, a banned game where you played a maniac with a hammer, named Grinface, chasing kids around a graveyard, smashing as many as you could before they could get to the bus. Matthew played for hours and hours, all the while Sarah sat, afraid for her life, listening to him play for what seemed like forever. Sarah felt like it was Matthew’s fault she loved him, and that it was his fault she was there. He was the one who wanted to make her jealous by chasing an urban legend. Sarah finally snapped, repeatedly smashing Matthew’s face into the arcade screen, killing him. When the farmer calmed down, he came back to let the two go, but the damage had been done. Sarah and the farmer buried Matthew’s corpse in the cornfield. Soon enough, Matthew rose from the grave, wearing a crow skin mask. Matthew murdered the farmer and his daughter, and had turned the cornfield into a maze lined with barbed wire and nails. He convinced Sarah to bring him victims, kids to chase and kill just like Grinface does in Blud Bus. Matthew had died and came back, now thinking he was in a video game.